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„Without books, history is silent,
literature dumb, science crippled,
thought and speculation at a standstill.
Without books, the development of
civilization would have been impossible.
Books are engines of change,
windows on the world,
"lighthouses" (as a poet said)
"erected in the sea of time".
They are companions, teachers, magicians,
bankers of the treasures of the mind.
Books are humanity in print."
(Barbara Tuchman, Historian, Pulitzer Prizewinner)

Let yourself be found by a book.

Shakespeare & Company offers a wide range of
English-language books and magazines on
numerous subjects from around the world.

Classical & Contemporary Literature, Poetry,
Plays, Science-Fiction & Crime, Graphic Novels.
Austrian Writers in translation.

Academic Books on Philosophy, Science,
History, Current Affairs, Politics, Economy,
Sociology & Psychology, Cultural Studies.

Books on Art, Music, Theater & Film,
Architecture, Design, Photography, Fashion,
Cooking & Living. Books for children.

Ye olde head

We search and strive for Intercultural Understanding. It is Worth the Detour, the time, the energy, to learn and care about our environment and our selves. To appreciate and contribute. May books always be available to help us on our way.

You choose and read what you think is best. We read what we can and sell the rest.

Find Shakespeare & Company in the oldest part of Vienna in the RUPRECHTSVIERTEL, which has been continuously inhabited since 14 BC, at Sterngasse 2. In the neighbourhood of Hoher Markt, Ruprechtskirche, the Jewish Synagogue. You may discover the charm and energies in this hidden corner of Vienna.


To avoid any confusion: We are not affiliated with any other Shakespeare & Company store or likewise named places in the world. Although we do like to think there might be a shared philosophy and reference to Sylvia Beach and her famous bookshop (1919 - 1941) in Paris.

We are open 6 days a week from 9.00 a.m.
and are around till mostly 9.00 p.m.
At your service any time.
E-mail ( and
Fax (++43 1 535 5053 16) ordering.

Looking forward to welcome you at Sterngasse 2. Meanwhile best wishes from
Shakespeare & Company, Vienna